FluteFling is a Scottish organisation promoting the playing of flutes and whistles, that regularly organises classes, workshops and weekends which provide opportunities for people to learn and develop traditional skills on the instruments.

It has recently published a new book of traditional and original tunes from Scotland and Ireland entitled The FluteFling Collection, containing 133 tunes from the 13 tutors and contributors to FluteFling weekends from 2014-2021.  The book was compiled and edited by Sharon Creasey, with co-editors Kenny Hadden and Gordon Turnbull, and support from Dougie Pincock, Director of the School of Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton.

The FluteFling Collection is a landmark publication in the revival of the flute in traditional music in Scotland, arguably the first of its kind for around 150 years, with contributions by many well-known players including those mentioned above, plus John Gahagan, Munro Gauld, Niall Kenny, Rebecca Knorr, Davy Maguire, Claire Mann, Órlaith McAuliffe, Cathal McConnell and Tom Oakes.  It includes biographies and influences for each contributor, an introduction from Gordon Turnbull, an account of the Scottish traditional flute revival by Kenny Hadden and contributors’ condensed notes.  An expanded version of the notes will be freely available in PDF format from the website.